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Adviceline - 0345 450 3064
(Monday to Friday 9.00 to 16.30)

About Us

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The Citizens Advice service is one of the UK’s largest voluntary organisations. Citizens Advice and all bureaux are registered charities and are made up of a network of Citizens Advice. We in Gwynedd helped people to resolve over 18000 new problems every year.

Problems rarely come singly. For example, an enquirer facing redundancy may need:

  • Advice on entitlement to notice and redundancy
  • Their entitlement to benefits and tax credits available to them while unemployed
  • Advice on the debts that quickly build up when there is no way of repaying

Unemployment can place serious stress on relationships, and families who lose their homes to repossession can face disruption to their social support networks, their children’s education and a wealth of other problems.

CAB Gwynedd is a uniquely holistic service that enables us to address each of these issues, accessing specialist advice within the organisation and where necessary, making referrals to external agencies where appropriate.

In the last year we dealt with individual debt totalling over £3.2 million and gained much needed extra income of £3 million.

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