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Adviceline - 0345 450 3064
(Monday to Friday 9.00 to 16.30)

Communities First


The aim of the Communities First project is to contribute, side by side with other programmes to lessen the educational / skills, economic and health gaps between our most deprived and affluent areas.

The Communities First clusters are at the following wards;

  • Marchog 1 a 2 (Bangor);
  • Cadnant a Peblig (Caernarfon);
  • Talysarn.

(This service is only available to those living within these wards. Otherwise, you will need to contact the Adviceline)

Citizens Advice delivers general advice in all types of advice as an outreach service within the Communities First Clusters which lack dedicated provision. Access to the service can either be made through a referral by the Communities First team or by simply dropping into the above locations.

Please ask locally for details as to when the services are available in these areas.

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