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Adviceline - 0345 450 3064
(Monday to Friday 9.00 to 16.30)

The Big Lottery


Funding from the Big Lottery allows Citizen’s Advice to go to rural and deprived areas of Gwynedd where it’s difficult for people to travel to the nearest Advice Centres, or they are more likely to be digitally excluded or without the means to contact us over the phone.

The service provides advice and assistance in the first instance and if more intensive intervention is required in the fields of debt, welfare benefit, employment or family law, a referral will be made to a specialist caseworker. An appointment will be arranged at an Advice Centre or the outreach locations, over the telephone, web chat or in some circumstances, by a home visit. The service can also refer to or provide information about other services and organisations that may be better placed to deal with the matters raised.

The service is flexible and locations are reviewed according to the needs of the public. We also respond to the emergency needs of the public such as visiting Fairbourne during the period of uncertainty following the decision not to continue with maintaining the flood defences.

Up to date information regarding dates and times of each location can be viewed on our calendar.

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