Business and Development Plan 2019–2022


Executive Summary

“We give people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward – whoever they are and whatever their problem. We’ll increase the impact we have on people’s lives by transforming the way we do things – while always staying true to our core purpose.”

This is a national objective which we share. To achieve it we intend to develop our service over the next three years as follows:


The aspiration across England & Wales is that over the next three years “We’ll radically improve the experience people have when they come to us for help, so everyone leaves with the knowledge and confidence they need to find a way forward.” We are determined to play our part in this.

Much of our advice is delivered by volunteers – a process which benefits volunteers as well as clients. We will seek to recruit and train more volunteers, recognising that for some the skills acquired will help them gain employment. We will develop the way in which we recruit and train to enable a wider range of individuals to contribute in a way which works for them.

We will also continue to seek funding to maintain a strong team of caseworkers to help with more complex problems. We will put clients at the heart of everything we do, securing funding to give them the help they need in the way in which they want to access it, whether that is face to face, over the phone or digitally. We will ensure that our advice is quality assured and of a consistently high standard. We will continue to provide services from our four principal sites plus outreach in the areas of greatest need.


We’ll be a stronger voice on the issues that matter most to the people who come to us for help. We will do this by undertaking a range of centrally co-ordinated campaigns based on evidence and research from local and national advice. We will seek to improve the way in which this is communicated and provide opportunities for clients and supporters to get involved.


We’ll use technology to enable a great experience for the people who come to us for help, while freeing up resources that will allow us to meet more demand. In particular we will seek opportunities to assist local people with using internet technologies, in particular with the introduction of Universal Credit. We will continue to support Citizens Advice to ensure that information is available online in Welsh and that clients can receive an interactive bilingual service.

We will review the technology that we use locally to support our services with the aim of improving the service while reducing the cost. This will include looking at ways to make it easier for clients to book appointments.


We’ll secure our future as a service through a more collaborative, proactive, and competitive approach to fundraising. This will include developing publicity to raise charitable donations and awareness of our services. Our financial planning will be based on working with the Citizens Advice network across North Wales and with other voluntary organisations to minimise the cost of administration including premises costs and effective management of risks.


We’ll be a collaborative, inventive and high-performing service that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion, and challenges discrimination. Our people are at the heart of what we do and we are determined to ensure that everyone has what they need to be effective and is fully involved in delivering a successful service.

To read the full plan click here.

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