Configuring a Windows PC for Google

This page contains instructions and resources for individual users to update their systems. There are a number of places where you need to restart your PC and change the account you are logged into so you may want to print this sheet and mark where you have got to in the instructions. Issues covered:

  • Google Credential Provider for Windows (security)
  • accessing the remote server (shouldn’t be needed any longer once the copiers are reconfigured)
  • Google drive for desktop (which will let you load files directly into casebook instead of having to download them first)
  • Configuring your PC so that if it finds a “send mail link” it will send from GMail instead of starting the windows mail program.

Google Credential Provider for Windows

Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW) is the program we will use to enable all CAB Gwynedd users to use any CAB Gwynedd PC. The installation process is as follows:

  • You will need your Google account set up before you can start this process. You will also need to be logged in to your Google account to access the resources mentioned in these instructions so if you are reading in something other than Chrome, switch now.
  • If you are using a personal PC, you have a choice:
    • You can install GCPW. Your existing user accounts will remain on the PC – but anything you for CAB Gwynedd, you should do within your google user account – which you can log into at startup. If other people use your PC, lock your CAB Gwynedd account before finishing and they can log on to another account.
    • If you don’t want to install GCPW you need to ensure that the user account you use for work is not used by anybody else, has a secure password and that you lock the account before leaving the computer.
  • If you are using a CAB Gwynedd PC, you need to install the software and delete the adviser account once it has been successfully installed. Make sure any local files in the “Adviser” account have been saved (uploaded) to Google Drive and then log off Adviser and log on to Admin. You will need the admin password to do this – ask one of the google guides.
  • Download installation file for GCPW (this link will only work if you are logged in to your cabgwynedd google account) and install by clicking on thie icon on bottom left of your screen
  • Download and install Cysill and the Cysill add-in for Microsoft Office (proof reading and dictionary for Welsh)
  • Any Cabgwynedd user can now log on to the PC and they will have a unique account (so won’t be able to see other users’ files etc).
  • Restart the PC and log on to your account. You will be asked lots of standard questions about configuring Microsoft and Edge – the answers don’t really matter and you can skip everything to do with Edge that it will let you as you won’t be using it anyway. You only get asked these questions the first time you log on to a specific PC.

Accessing the remote server

You may need the link to access the remote server (until the transfer to google is complete and the copiers have been reconfigured). You will need to save this on your desktop and then right click it. Select Edit to get this window:

where it says “username” in the picture, type your username. Make sure “always ask for credentials” is ticked. Click Save and you are good to go. First time you try to connect it will give you a warning; tick the box so it doesn’t give you the warning next time.

  • Once you have confirmed everything is working ok within your account, if this is a CAB Gwynedd PC please log back on as admin and delete the “adviser” account (having already uploaded any files from the adviser account to google drive).

Installing Google Drive for Desktop

If you need regular access to existing files using Microsoft Office suite on your PC you can load Google Drive for Desktop. This will give you access to your google drive files as if they were stored on a network drive as per the remote desktop. The drive will be G: and you can choose whether you want files stored locally (e.g. if you have a slow internet connection or need to work offline). Once installed, change the default “documents” location to G:\. This should remove the need to change each individual program. To do this open Documents (botttom left, click Start and it should be visible). Right click documents, properties, location and change to G:\ It will ask whether to move existing documents – say yes and any documents in your existing document folder will be moved to Google.

As part of the migration process Ancoris will help with setting up printing and scanning with the machines in our offices. It is not clear yet whether we will be able to configure them for scanned documents to arrive in a google folder or if we will need to use email.

Configuring GMail as your default mail program

Go to your Gmail account by clicking here. Top right corner of the search bar, you will see an unusual symbol (the one on the left in the picture below). Click it.

You will be asked to agree to allow to open all mail links. Click “Allow” and “Done”. It will automatically take you to the default applications page. You want to change the one at the top from “Mail” to “Google Chrome”:

Scroll down to the bottom and if Web Browser is showing Microsoft Edge, change this to Google Chrome as well.

If you encounter problems, this link has additional steps which may help.

At this point you never want to see “Mail” or “Edge” again, so if they are showing at the bottom of the screen, right click and choose “Unpin from taskbar”. Right click on chrome and choose “Pin to taskbar”. You are now done.

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