Configuring a Windows PC for Google

This page contains instructions and resources for individual users to update their systems. Issues covered:

General Housekeeping

Once you are in your shiny new user account there are a few things that you may need to change:

  • In GMail you may see an unusual symbol in the top right corner of the search bar – the one on the left in the picture below). Click it.
  • You will be asked to agree to allow to open all mail links. Click “Allow” and “Done”. It will automatically take you to the default applications page. You want to change the one at the top from “Mail” to “Google Chrome” and lower down also change the browser from Edge to Google Chrome. If you encounter problems with sending emails from GMail, this link has additional steps which may help.
  • You can get to the default programs page from start -> settings -> default apps to check both are set correctly.
  • While in chrome, right click the chrome icon at the bottom of the page and “pin to taskbar”. You may want to do the same in other programs you regualrly use e.g. Word
  • Right click on the icons at the bottom that you don’t use (e.g. Mail and Windows Store) and choose “unpin from taskbar”
  • Install Cysill and the Cysill add-in for Microsoft Office (proof reading and dictionary for Welsh) and Tô Bach.

If you need to edit PDF files please talk to Tal or Dawn about options.

Installing Google Drive for Desktop

If you need regular access to existing files using Microsoft Office suite on your PC or to scanned images for upload to casebook you should load Google Drive for Desktop. This will give you access to your google drive files as if they were stored on a network drive as per the remote desktop. The drive will be G: and you can choose whether you want files stored locally (e.g. if you have a slow internet connection or need to work offline). Once installed, change the default “documents” location to G:\. This should remove the need to change each individual program. To do this open Documents (botttom left, click Start and it should be visible). Right click documents, properties, location and change to G:\ It will ask whether to move existing documents – say yes and any documents in your existing document folder will be moved to Google.

Further information on oogle Drive for Desktop (including Mac version) go to this google help page.

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