Going Google

This page has all the links for information related to our move to Google.

Introductory information and learning prepared by Ancoris. To access this you will need to be using Google Chrome and logged in to your google account.  

Setting your email signature

Resolving problems with Google Chrome not working

Ensuring that your PC is secure and ready to use with Google

In order to protect confidential information from prying eyes and to prevent the next user from reading client details inadvertently because they open a page that you were previously looking at, each user needs to have a unique login on each PC. There is a program that automates this process so that a cabgwynedd user can easily use any cabgwynedd PC securely. This process only needs to be installed once on each PC – the instructions for doing this are here.

Once these instructions have been followed, you will also be able to easily use your files stored in Google Drive with Microsoft Office. As far as Word, Excel etc are concerned, your Google Drive becomes a G: drive but all the files are safe in the cloud rather than needing to be stored locally. The instructions also include installing Cysill for spelling and grammar checking in Welsh, ensuring you can access the remote desktop and making GMail your default email program.

Printer Drivers