Configuring a Windows PC for Google

When we used a remote desktop it was fine to have a common relatively insecure user account (Adviser). This is no longer appropriate – no secure information should be held within the Adviser account. Instead you should log on to “Add work account”. This will ensure that your information is secure. If this is not set up on your PC, follow these instructions.

Installing Google Drive for Desktop

If you need regular access to existing files using Microsoft Office suite on your PC or to scanned images for upload to casebook you should load Google Drive for Desktop. This will give you access to your google drive files as if they were stored on a network drive as per the remote desktop. The drive will be G: and you can choose whether you want files stored locally (e.g. if you have a slow internet connection or need to work offline). Once installed, change the default “documents” location to G:\. This should remove the need to change each individual program. To do this open Documents (botttom left, click Start and it should be visible). Right click documents, properties, location and change to G:\ It will ask whether to move existing documents – say yes and any documents in your existing document folder will be moved to Google. If this program has already been installed on your PC, it will appear when you type “google drive” in the serach box on the bottom left. You can then enter your settings. Note: google chrome needs to be set as your default browser or you will need to re-enter your credentials in Edge.

Further information on Google Drive for Desktop (including Mac version) go to this google help page.

Handy programs for writing in Welsh

If they haven’t been already, install Cysill and the Cysill add-in for Microsoft Office (proof reading and dictionary for Welsh) and Tô Bach. These only need to be installed once for all users.

General Housekeeping

There are steps which every user needs to follow even after the above have been completed. These are summarised here.

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