Resetting CloudReady / ChromeOS

Here are the steps:

  1. Find the asset number for the PC (usually a sticker on the side) and make a note of it.
  2. Contact Tal (ext 302 from the phones in Caernarfon, Dolgellau and Pwllheli), 01286 682302 or 07903 918459.
  3. Tal will need the asset number to make sure he is “killing” the correct PC. The PC will then resets itself and take a few minutes to complete the “powerwash” process
  4. You get a startup screen asking if you are ready to go – note the options to change from US English to UK English. It lets you tell it you have a UK keyboard at the same time (if you’re not sure, UK has ” above the 2 whereas US has @ above the 2). It asks you whether the PC will be used by you or a child. At the bottom there is another option (highlighted with the yellow lightning below), Enterprise enrolment:
  • Choose the enrolment option and use your normal username, password and method of authenication.
  • Please also enter the asset number at the next step so we can find it when something goes wrong; there is a second box to put location. Put the office location followed by room details (e.g. Pwllheli IR1)
  • It will do some more thinking before presenting a screen where it offers “guest mode” in large print in the centre of the screen, and at the bottom left “Add person”. To use the PC you will need to add yourself with username, password and mobile phone again. If you are just preparing the PC for use by someone else you can skip this step