Joining Refernet

REFERNET is a safe, secure and local online referral system already used by many local Citizens Advice teams across the UK, REFERNET enables referrals to be made securely by trusted partners across the advice network who we partner with by invitation, in a town, county or region. REFERNET has one task; referring people safely from invited organisation, to another – but on a local / regional level, as a private managed network.

REFERNET is purely a dedicated referral system, and is not a case management system. REFERNET is a simple ‘grass roots’ service which everyone can understand and brings accountability. How often have you made a referral to an external organisation and, either had to chase up the outcome or never heard anything about that referral again. REFERNET changes this. All organisations of any size, are represented on an equal footing when searching the network for a suitable Agency to refer to. One of the key benefits of REFERNET is that it is a mobile-friendly tool, meaning that a caseworker on outreach, or a home visit worker can make an instant referral to a partner organisation regardless of location.

REFERNET is truly independent. So, partner organisations in the community be they small large, medium or can be invited in by the system admin, in this instance Citizens Advice, as equal partners to join the service.

REFERNET has a full search facility, customised and detailed, that allows users to filter their search to a fine degree, ensuring that they find the right organisation for a client’s particular needs. Search criteria may include levels of service, geographical locations, different service options, accessibility and many more. Each invited partner within the network will submit detailed profiles of service agencies within the network, including the type of services offered, which client groups are served, opening hours, staff names and fee structures can all be accommodated.

REFERNET is a unique, secure, online referral management system that’s been developed to provide secure communication between partners, offering a simple method of referring their clients for help. When a referral is made an automatic notification is sent to the originator when the documents have been retrieved from the secure server by the receiving partner. This allows for the fast transfer of sensitive data and the transparency to know that the intended recipient has received it securely. Additional documents can be sent at any time.

Should you have any further questions or need additional support please contact Robert Hughes-Mullock at Citizens Advice Conwy via email or telephone (01492) 869 157